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Digital Advisory

Any questions about Digital Health or Big Data in Healthcare? We support all players in healthcare to make the most out of the new opportunities.


We invest in digital health and we also support in Business Building, scope and scale.


We are setting up a portfolio of digital health startups. And there is more to come in our pipeline.

Re-thinking healthcare – digital and innovative

After the digitalization in consumer goods and in the area of finance, new digital technologies are also reaching the health care sector. Digitization allows more targeted information, better data, more transparency, creating new services for patients, care providers and funding agencies.

For many years now, we have been observing and working in the area of Digital Health and Big Data. We develop young enterprises and advise companies from the health management (health insurance companies, hospitals, medical companies, pharmaceutical industry) on their way to a digital and data-driven age.

  • Having worked in different management positions in the healthcare system for many years ourselves, we understand service providers and cost carriers. 
  • We understand what is medically meaningful. We, the founders, are doctors and have set up an interdisciplinary team of medicine, IT and management.
  • We understand the patient as a person, as a subject – who sometimes is a customer, too. We combine our years of expertise in the Internet economy and work with the demands on excellent medicine.
  • We understand how innovations develop: We are experts in design thinking, modern UX processes and latest technologies.
  • Being a digital health factory, we develop a portfolio of startups in the area of Digital Health.
  • We set up our own startups, assist other startups with foundation and growth, and advise the big players in healthcare on the topic of Digital Health.


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